To use the right period part I serged 5 or 6 years the dual brake fluid tank VW used for the 64 model in the Swedish marked. Luckily I found one, complete with mounting bracked and all NOS for a totaly unacceptable price...real crazy !!! Yes I've bought it !!!
After the instalation in 2003 I had one of this beautiful moments when I filled it up with brakefluid before the 2011 Volksworldshow trip, the tank was leaky but only a little bit. So a trash tank and a damaged paint in the area below the tank was my return.
No time to find another one and no patience for a new surprice I give a company the order for a custom build version of a dual fluid tank. Sure another unacceptable price but a shiny memory for me.

serious piston tuning


Wild cams need high compression ratio to work well, cheap mahle pistons don't come with high performace piston rings. To get the right parts that perform well in my engine I visit Mr. Wahl of "Wahl Spezialkolben Gmbh". 1000 years of expirience in pistons packed in an old small workshop, amazing how I felt about my knowledge when "grandpa" tells me whats to do with the 94ers, "here the radius is to small, here we need some holes for the oil, the oil rings are garbage" and so on.

A set of Goetze piston rings with the right pressure to the zylinder wall and the right gap.

To keep the important parts of the engine a little bit cooler the piston tops, all valves, the cambers and the exhaust ports get an ceramic coating from "Pulverbeschichtung Nord Quickborn".

Schwarzwälder Ventilkühlung / Black forest valve cooling

Using scat ratio rockers means no oil-delivery from the main shaft of the rocker arm assembly to the valve ends. I think that this rockers are strong and after doing the rocker arm geometry job I measured the real ratio and found out that my rockers came up with a 1:1,36 ratio.Good for using but without any oil at the valve ends my engine will get trouble regarding overheated valves and worn valve/rocker faces. After a few Tannenzäpfle Beers I had the idea to use my valve covers to solve this problem.
First of all the holes where on the false place and need to be replaced. Bad decision to use two aftermarked products, street eleminator heads from USA and cast o-ring sealing valvecovers from Germany.

Big stroke and huge pistons will pump a lot of air around and a 94mm zylinder is not as strong as a stock one. But this engine will produce a lot of heat and after a few times
the 94er will become a little oval and combustion gases will find the way behind the piston rings. In all my engines I try to help this air to find an easy way out of the engine, first to have more power because no piston have to work against airpressure on his way back to BDC and second that oil leaks dont become an ugly problem in from of my house door. Here you see the big tubes welded in the covers and the oil deflector plates that oli cant find the way out.

On the ends of the top fins some aluminium is added. Between the fins I drilled four 0,8mm holes in one line to the valve ends
(Thanx Danyel !).

One side is machined for the oil adapter.
After a very serious cleaning job the 3mm aluminium sheet is welded on the top of the first and second fin to generate an oil channel with four oil nozzles to cool and lubricate my valve train.
To deliver the oil to the valve covers I decide to modify my CSP oil cooler adapter, beside a very good part, full cnc machined with an perfect fit. I need two pressure outlets for the valvecovers, an access for the oilpressure gauge-sender and an access for my temperature switch that controls the fan of the oil-cooler mounted in top of the gearbox.

The red arrow shows the oil access for the valve covers.

Go to the low


To get the car down I installed a self made airride with 4 Monroe air shocks. But during the first rides I saw that the squareback dont touch the ground without air. For the Volksworldshow I get a help from my longtime buddy Thorsten "TheIceman" Wolf who is a specialist in produceing spindels for all needs. Before you have a look here some facts:

- 6,5 cm lower than stock

- ready to die CSP disc brake caliper

- full 3D CAD constructed and CNC machined

- welded with a weld-certificate for maximum driving safety

- produced with all my needs in mind

As the Type 3 nut will detect the cailpers are located 180° adverse than the stock position. The first test drive, from Karlsruhe to London, showed that steering and brakeing was not affected by the relocation of the calipers. Well you have to keep in mind that a caliper has to be modified when useing on the other car side.

Above the stock spindel with CSP caliper adapter.

We used 2 spindels per side, here the so called "backside", cuted kingpin and the end plate with the ears for the caliper srews. Note, when the work on the spindels is finished I dont need to use the CSP adapter plate anymore, the caliper is srewd directly on the spindel.

The kingpin of the second spindel, the outside part, see the 65mm drop

Here the CAD animation of the main contruction, green the backside (spindel one), black the end plate and grey the kingpin (spindel two). The gap inside the endplate and green backside is made to have a minimum toe extension, in this case only 6mm to the outside !!!

Here the first assembling after welding to figure out that all the brainwork was succsessful. Steering rod on one side and caliper on the other side.

See the two levels of backside and outside spindel, amazing 6mm to keep the slammed look of the 5SpeedRuby.

After all the high gloss powdercoating brings the fine look and protection.

Iceman did a great job, if you need a pair of well engineered, perfect build spindels with all your special needs and ideas inside you have to contact him:

Thanks to Torsten

A touching year goes by

2011 was packed with good and bad things, luckily the majority was on the good side.

A bad fire destroyed my mum's house, no one was injured but the whole household was ruined during the fire, a realy big shock for me when I got the phone call and a hell of work to get my mum back in her house.

In march I brought the Squareback to London and get a Top 20 Award.

And the best of all I become a father on Augus 13 :-)
The first cruise for dady and the chef, no sleep in the night but always a big smile.
No time for the car and the hobby.

Now I want to continue the 5SPDRBY blog and will bring you a weekly update.

Bruce like it




Weeks ago the case gets a color cover.

I used VHT Engine Enamel color, first a flat black and for the shine a glossy clear coat. After an over night cure stop the case have to be heated in an oven. I use our DSR baking paint oven @ the workshop. Guys don't do this in your wifes kitchen!!!

Yes the smell seperates the men from the girls.



My NOS bumpers and horns where nice but had not the rigth shiny look. TomWheelerdealer helped me to get what I was looking for. Thank's tom for helping with the shiny. Frankfurt chrome rules !!!

upgrade the dash


To see what happen in the engine bay I need some help from VDO.

The radio is sitting in the glovebox so the radio cut out is free. Ingo and me build one.

After this the box was handed out to Mr. Waskey for a black leather covering.

Bevor VOWO I have to assembel it...hope it works well.