In a few minutes we are starting to our trip to Esher.
Its the ninth time in a row and Ingos shit tun is ready and we hope to come
over with no technical breakdown.


And one more step on the long way to amarillo, the headliner is now out of the box and in place.
Mr. Waskey from Heidelberg and his team do a very good job.

Old style shirts rules

As an homage to Ingo and his well well work on the old blue tun I was wearing this old style 90's shirt and be sure I was a little proud to fit it like the old days :-)

To see the fitment of the wheel /tyre combination makes me...ähm...


One of the best things a old car nut can do is to put some NOS parts on, I dont want to write a roman about that, just enjoy.

Searching more than 10 years finds a well end.

Fender day

The first March weekend brought new snow.

The buddys and me started early in the morning with the rear fenders. To place the fender beading was a fu..ing experience. But Jimmy and Gunnar found a way to solve the problem, at this thime I lost my motive force completely.

The first grill session...my moving force comes back!

The second grill session

Eating is also a kind of work!

The third grill session

The helping buddys: Adde, Gero, Ingo, Gunnar, Jimmy (need leisure-time after grill session two) and me.

Wire sald part two

Here is the second part of the Kabelsalat story.
The mainplug for engine harness find his place over the Gearbox, also the 12V plus connector box.