A shiny weekend

Last friday I assembled the body of the squareback, adjustment need
hours till all-around gap tolerance was uniform.
At Saturday morning Massimo comes along to give the
lumps and bumps a shiny deep Ruby finish.
Of cause some Tannezäpfle died :-))) when we saw the final polish effect.

Friday evening: Everything is prepared.

Saturday, the first warm and sunny day this year, the perfect condition for a good result.

And finaly the WOW Sunday

I Bought this Duster in summertime 2000 at PepBoys Westminster LA
and store it unused till today for my Squareback. Yes I`m totaly mad!

To see the Tannenzäpfle Bier reflexion in the perfect paint finish of my bonnet makes me.....

I have to go to the fridge now, stay tuned!


During this January i build the seat consoles. Regarding the narrow shape of the Cobra classic I made the decision to kreate my own style of console, a kind of frame with the stock features, a lengthwise movable and hinged construction. I tryed to build something that fit to the old and cool style of this British seatwear.
Back in the year 1995 I met some guys from Cobra at IAA or Automechanika at their exhibition stand. I saw that seats and know that some of these will taper into my Squareback in the futur.
Unfortunately all the vinyl and cloth samples dont chatch me and I induced the Cobra guys that I can send the seat cover materials i like from germany to their fabrication unit. Yes my British seats where made with a german BMW vinyl, a Mercedes cloth and piping. A kind of globalisation long time before we create this word and know what it means.

With my friends, the best you can find! I solve everything. Many thanks to Adde and his "Erodiermaschine"...he is still the Master!
Look @ this cool  locking brackets!

A year after I got the seats from England I went with my backseat and one Cobra front seat as an sample to the car upholsterer shop, they made new covers with  the same materials i send befor to England. The backseat fits good with the Cobras, cant wait to get the consoles back from powder coating.


Todays evening I mist the open hours @ the electrical supply to pic up the main plug for the harness.
So I decide to check the final show hight of the squareback rear suspension. All the guys who know me well, know that the main reason I start with Adde the Steiner Rad production in 2001 was
to ride this wheels on my 5 Speed Ruby.
This evening become one of this moments I get real deeply moving,
I mean, knowing after such a situation that all the work, the situations you guess:
"That was not my Day"
Yes all this fu..ing things becoming a complete flop and of cause all the moments you toy with the idea to stop it, sell it, go to the pub and forget it, are out of your mind just in that second you see something like I saw when i mounted one of my 6,5 to 16 inch Steiner.
This moment pay for all the bills from the past!
Please enjoy it too and if you are jet in a difficult situation with your project I hope you get a new load to go forward.

Going MAD

Last thursday I start building a new wiring harness from the dashbord
to the rear lights and engine bay. I need extra wires for the four
cylinder head temerature sensors, oiltemp & pressure, tach
and two remote wires for amplifier and the MSD 6AL.
Yes its not the first harness i build but when the working day is at the
end im always totaly MAD. You too?

The old piece was used as sample for the new one.

At a company named "Kabel Knecht" i got all the original color code used by VW. I decide to change from 1,5 mm/2  to 1,0 mm/2  for the regular wires, the car will run with 12V and that will be enought width. The 65A alternator get a 6 mm/2, the starter pin 50 gets a 4 mm/2, the senders a 0,75 mm/2. All-in there are 23 wires in the 16mm diameter isolating hose that fits well thru the stock 1500 S panel tubing.


After 1 1/2 day of massive madness the wire monster is lying in the engine bay. Now I search a main plug to seperate the car harness and the engine harness for a better and cleaner look.