all i hear is RADIO GAGA radio googoo


A classic dashboard with a modern radio is definitely a "NO GO" so i went to build this well needed unit inside the glovebox. After a quick google search i Found the well made build instruction from

After lots of hours the beast gets in and the result is 100% perfect
in my point of view.

Many thanks to Patrick for his instruktion manual.

itzz itzzz boom booooom

The monting of the both subwoofers and front speakers gets easy considering all the prep work I've done in the past month. To fix the Subwoofer housings it was required to weld that boxes in the body. After that I have to paint the section under the back seat and the side lining again. The upholstery boys  from Waskey's in Heidelberg perforated the side liners for better sound thru.

Behinde the front food rest I found a secred place for the diplexer boxes.

Painting the frames and fence and finish the front speaker work.