Engine, the first steps

Yes you see it right, I will use 45 DCOE carbs for my squareback.
I can't tell you how they will work on the flat 4, it is experimental!
The heads are 44/38 SE`s hope the do the job and give me more than
150 horses. The generator is a small Daihatsu spare part that brings
out 12V / 65A, after some modifications on the fan housing and
building brackets and a pulley i will have enough power for the
electrical system. The engine case is NOS for US Superbeetle
fuel injection engines  i bought it 10 years ago by the
Wolfsburg Volkswagen Classic Parts Center.

keep it cool

To cool the oil down is one of the most important things
for an big flat four so i decide to bring in a huge Setrab oil
cooler with an electric activated fan. Placing this part in top
of the gearbox isn't a new idea, short oli travel for quick
response was the priority in my case. When I modified the pan
for the 901 gearbox i put some oil and gas tubes in. The front
oil cooler's will be switched on with a racimex thermostat.

The carpet is ready for the wedding...first spy pix

Had a first look at Waskey's shop to check out the finished capret,

I'm speechless !!!

The best Kebab & Burger House of Esher

The best halfpounter with cheese in the Universe !
I hope to come over next year to  the 2011 Vowoshow

911 / 944 / 361

For the rear suspension i prefer the IRS because to much camber isnt
realy good for the tyres and a quick launch. The IRS Arms are from
an old  944, they have an excenter bore to adjust the toe and the
camber. The spring plates are 944 parts too but to get them in
the Typ 3 subframe they need some modifications, the good thing
is that they have a screw that make it possible to adjust
the wheel load for better balance or if you going to show
a total aligned car you can srew the corner of the car
higher or lower. The spring plate cover is an early 911 part,
it looks like an VW spare part but offers the alternative
to use the 944 rubber that is cured on the springplate.
In all cases better than the urethane parts you can buy for the air
cooled Volkswagen. The brake drums are modified CSP parts,
IRS use but 205 pdc. I narrowed the drums nearly 10mm per side to
bring the 6.5 x 16 inch Steiner`s more in. After machining they get a
chrome finish.

The Fabulous Window Stooges

Hey you! If you need help mounting your Windows you have to ask the

"Fabulous Window Stooges."

In real life they named Stefan and Oliver but for me this both
bloody wankers are the born sealant masters, look what they do
and look how they peer. Thank you guys for your help and mainly
keeping me cool during the fu...ing mounting of the windshield that:
Does not fit!
Does not fit!
Does not fit!
If somebody know a windshield rubber with slot for the chrome trim
that comes in a good quality please let me know where!
All the repro rubbers I get here in germany are rubbish.

Beauty of ze night

One of the first warm evenings in May i go forward with the NOS bumpers.


Cant get enough to see this stance