911 / 944 / 361

For the rear suspension i prefer the IRS because to much camber isnt
realy good for the tyres and a quick launch. The IRS Arms are from
an old  944, they have an excenter bore to adjust the toe and the
camber. The spring plates are 944 parts too but to get them in
the Typ 3 subframe they need some modifications, the good thing
is that they have a screw that make it possible to adjust
the wheel load for better balance or if you going to show
a total aligned car you can srew the corner of the car
higher or lower. The spring plate cover is an early 911 part,
it looks like an VW spare part but offers the alternative
to use the 944 rubber that is cured on the springplate.
In all cases better than the urethane parts you can buy for the air
cooled Volkswagen. The brake drums are modified CSP parts,
IRS use but 205 pdc. I narrowed the drums nearly 10mm per side to
bring the 6.5 x 16 inch Steiner`s more in. After machining they get a
chrome finish.

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