Going MAD

Last thursday I start building a new wiring harness from the dashbord
to the rear lights and engine bay. I need extra wires for the four
cylinder head temerature sensors, oiltemp & pressure, tach
and two remote wires for amplifier and the MSD 6AL.
Yes its not the first harness i build but when the working day is at the
end im always totaly MAD. You too?

The old piece was used as sample for the new one.

At a company named "Kabel Knecht" i got all the original color code used by VW. I decide to change from 1,5 mm/2  to 1,0 mm/2  for the regular wires, the car will run with 12V and that will be enought width. The 65A alternator get a 6 mm/2, the starter pin 50 gets a 4 mm/2, the senders a 0,75 mm/2. All-in there are 23 wires in the 16mm diameter isolating hose that fits well thru the stock 1500 S panel tubing.


After 1 1/2 day of massive madness the wire monster is lying in the engine bay. Now I search a main plug to seperate the car harness and the engine harness for a better and cleaner look.

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