Todays evening I mist the open hours @ the electrical supply to pic up the main plug for the harness.
So I decide to check the final show hight of the squareback rear suspension. All the guys who know me well, know that the main reason I start with Adde the Steiner Rad production in 2001 was
to ride this wheels on my 5 Speed Ruby.
This evening become one of this moments I get real deeply moving,
I mean, knowing after such a situation that all the work, the situations you guess:
"That was not my Day"
Yes all this things becoming a complete flop and of cause all the moments you toy with the idea to stop it, sell it, go to the pub and forget it, are out of your mind just in that second you see something like I saw when i mounted one of my 6,5 to 16 inch Steiner.
This moment pay for all the bills from the past!
Please enjoy it too and if you are jet in a difficult situation with your project I hope you get a new load to go forward.

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