During this January i build the seat consoles. Regarding the narrow shape of the Cobra classic I made the decision to kreate my own style of console, a kind of frame with the stock features, a lengthwise movable and hinged construction. I tryed to build something that fit to the old and cool style of this British seatwear.
Back in the year 1995 I met some guys from Cobra at IAA or Automechanika at their exhibition stand. I saw that seats and know that some of these will taper into my Squareback in the futur.
Unfortunately all the vinyl and cloth samples dont chatch me and I induced the Cobra guys that I can send the seat cover materials i like from germany to their fabrication unit. Yes my British seats where made with a german BMW vinyl, a Mercedes cloth and piping. A kind of globalisation long time before we create this word and know what it means.

With my friends, the best you can find! I solve everything. Many thanks to Adde and his "Erodiermaschine"...he is still the Master!
Look @ this cool  locking brackets!

A year after I got the seats from England I went with my backseat and one Cobra front seat as an sample to the car upholsterer shop, they made new covers with  the same materials i send befor to England. The backseat fits good with the Cobras, cant wait to get the consoles back from powder coating.

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