A shiny weekend

Last friday I assembled the body of the squareback, adjustment need
hours till all-around gap tolerance was uniform.
At Saturday morning Massimo comes along to give the
lumps and bumps a shiny deep Ruby finish.
Of cause some Tannezäpfle died :-))) when we saw the final polish effect.

Friday evening: Everything is prepared.

Saturday, the first warm and sunny day this year, the perfect condition for a good result.

And finaly the WOW Sunday

I Bought this Duster in summertime 2000 at PepBoys Westminster LA
and store it unused till today for my Squareback. Yes I`m totaly mad!

To see the Tannenzäpfle Bier reflexion in the perfect paint finish of my bonnet makes me.....

I have to go to the fridge now, stay tuned!

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