Stereo Part one

The main SVWDA slogan  is
"trailer queen sucks".
That means we want to build, restor, tune or what ever,
old cars to use them as a mobile kind of art with the accent on "mobile".
Realize a  high quality, if follows the particular concept quite fast,
all tech devices like lights horn turnsignals blabla are working well.
The suspension tuned for high Autobahn speed.
We drive our cars from one to the other end of Europe,
and its a central point for us to drive with a couple of old and shiny cars together in a group of nerds to a VW meet.
Regarding this long distance ridez i decided to spend a little money in my car stereo. I want that the whole system find a secret place so the radio moved into the glove box, the subwoofer find a place between the rear fenders and the side trim, and the diplexer boxes stored under the food rest. Only the frontspeakers have to be mounted at the same place like the ones mounted in my Kansasbeige 1303.
Now have a close look to the subwoofer boxes.

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