5 Speed

I bought the gearbox in 1992 for another project that died regarding
the Squareback, In the year 1994, after the welding of the body was
done, I started to get the old 911S gearbox in the Suareback S.
During the first hours I realised that this will be a tricky job.

To place gearbox and engine more to the front-side of the car to get more installation space for exhaust etc...
I removed the tach drive housing at the shift cover and welded on a aluminium sheet.

First measurements show that the gear change rod is located too low for the rear suspension subframe of my Squareback, I decided to use a IRS one to get a medium negativ chamber when lowering. The solution was to make a channel in the subframe and to build a new shift rod for the floorpan.

To keep the gearbox in place I use the Porsche rubbermounts at the shift cover, my buddy Andreas "Adde" Augenstein milled two weld on adapter that where placed under the IRS mounts. To fix it at the clutch side my buddy Stefan shaped a transmount. I welded on two brackets for the "Quality for Bugs" cup bars.

The 901 Shifter is higher than the stock one so i do kind of channeling for the shifter. This allowes to keep the shifter under the carped for a stock inside style and is better for shift rod built.

For  the construction of the shift rod I drilled off hundrets of weld points to seperate the channel
from the floorpan. In the open channel i integated the oilcooler copper pipes and two 8mm fuel lines
and the new shift rod.

Somewhere in the end of the 90`s a team-mate of me, "Bemsele" @ R&D Porsche do a complete recondition job and I get new synchroniser rings and bearing and a Porsche Classik invoice for the parts, really a haunting moment :-o

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