Under the Bonnet

There are some new pictures.
I had to install a fuel pump, the Hurst line lock and two of three oilcoolers.

This rare dual circuit brake fluid reservoir was a few years on my wishlist.

Stock but rebuild frontbeam mounted with some super rare beam rubbers with integrated caster balancing.
NOS produced for cars with an accident dammage.

To avoid knocklng from the fuelpump i decide to fix it on the backside
of the frontbeam not on the front bulkhead.
Small rubber mounts hold the pump in position.

For tyredust I mounted a Hurst linelock, hope that the 911
5-speed gearbox can handle the 2.2 Typ1 engine.

To bring fresh and cool air to the oilcoolers I weld in the airintakes from a 1970 suberbeetle deck lid.

The mountingframe was home constucted and made,
the horn can stay at the old place. After testing the fitment its black
powdercoated. Assembly side @ the original front bumper brackets. 

To bring out the hot air the spare tyre well was opend and powdercoated.

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