Body Lasagna

A few days after I bought the Squareback I decided to check the body. Fenders where removed. What followed was a little unease from the know exactly that you bought a scrap heap and in the moment the mates see the desaster you are the buffoon...rightly :-(
All my mades said after they saw the car "bring it to the junkyard and forget it" but that caught  my maleness and I started the restauration. On the fourth pic you see my old mates, Adde, Armin and Stefan helping me to take the body to the side. Our garage, the "ALTE SCHMIEDE" (old blackshmith`s shop) was a grubby, dark and of cause cold place for a restauration. But there is no better way to do all that work, with good mades, a few old cars all-around, everytime a helping hand or a good joke, music from an old radio and have "sometimes" a beer.
After I cut of the rusted areas of the body we brought the body to the sandblast master @ Extra Mobile a company specialized in old british car restoration near by the ALTE SCHMIEDE. After the sandblasting we painted the body with a primer. My job for the next 12 month was to weld, weld and weld.

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