Music was my first love

But I didnt know how much boring work it will be
to get a good sound in my Squareback.
The building of the front speaker pannels sucked realy,
I realy hate polyester work !!! My longtime friend Ingo have a lot of
experience in that an we decide to build the speaker pannels using glass fiber.To get the speakers in we have to start with a tape job on both side pannels of the squareback body.

First side plastic fantastic

After one day drying we poped the pannels out and cut the outline.
The speaker rings were aligned and fixed with bondo

After we where sure that the posistion of the speakers is ok we covered the pannels with "SPANNFLIES", sorry cant find the english word !

After a fitment check I use pu-foam to get a smooth shape, cuting and grinding needs hours and after all I need to bondo it to get the pannels ready for the final glass fiber layer. My fear was that in case that the shape is to close I will get problems with the carpet fitment.

And finally they find the way in the car

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