Melling 30mm


The 30 mm Melling oilpump have the same quality problems the other aftermarked VW pumps have too. Regardless of that fact I decide to use this unit for my Type 1. The problems i found on my pump was a not flat front face of the aluminium body and a bad overlap of both oil gallerys. Cause I'm using the Type 3 flat colling van I had to find some milimeters for the fitment, the 30 mm unit is a little bit exanded and the EnginePlus oilpump cover is much wider than the stock one, so my blower box does not fit.

First step, put it on a lathe and trimm 1 mm down from the inner pump body surface. After that I aligned the oil gallery overlap and checked the clearance between the cam, cam gear and the oilpump. I found that I have to lower the end of the body in this section.

When the pump body had enough clearance I checked the engagement of the driven gear to the cam slot, I measured 6.5 mm overlap thats a perfect fitment!

Than I take a look to the front surface an grind it on a flat steel plate and grind paper. The painted surface help me to lokate the bug.

When the plain was good I checked the overlap of the gears, bold the pump, the cover and a genuine VW oil cover gasket (much slighter than the others you can buy) together to check that the gears can rotate and have the right clearance that the pump can make a good pressure and volume during operation.

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