head work


To get the suggested power amount I have to look on my heads. First off all is the combustion chamber volume. The volumetric measurement shows that I have too big ones so Udo Becker have to machine ít again. The final check shows a compression ratio @ 10.5:1

My deck hight is 1,3 mm, the FK10 in combination with the ratio rockers make up to 12,5 mm valve travel and I have to check the piston to valve clearance with modelling clay.

After cutting the modelling clay I measured 4-5 mm clearance - quiet enough !

The 5,5" rods make the engine a little wider, the Limbach cylinder studs are a little bit to short so its time to lower the seat area about 3 mm.

Next things to do are to optimise the air flow performance of the Eliminators and finding a place to fit the cylinder head temperatur senders. Stay tuned.

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