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To get the car down I installed a self made airride with 4 Monroe air shocks. But during the first rides I saw that the squareback dont touch the ground without air. For the Volksworldshow I get a help from my longtime buddy Thorsten "TheIceman" Wolf who is a specialist in produceing spindels for all needs. Before you have a look here some facts:

- 6,5 cm lower than stock

- ready to die CSP disc brake caliper

- full 3D CAD constructed and CNC machined

- welded with a weld-certificate for maximum driving safety

- produced with all my needs in mind

As the Type 3 nut will detect the cailpers are located 180° adverse than the stock position. The first test drive, from Karlsruhe to London, showed that steering and brakeing was not affected by the relocation of the calipers. Well you have to keep in mind that a caliper has to be modified when useing on the other car side.

Above the stock spindel with CSP caliper adapter.

We used 2 spindels per side, here the so called "backside", cuted kingpin and the end plate with the ears for the caliper srews. Note, when the work on the spindels is finished I dont need to use the CSP adapter plate anymore, the caliper is srewd directly on the spindel.

The kingpin of the second spindel, the outside part, see the 65mm drop

Here the CAD animation of the main contruction, green the backside (spindel one), black the end plate and grey the kingpin (spindel two). The gap inside the endplate and green backside is made to have a minimum toe extension, in this case only 6mm to the outside !!!

Here the first assembling after welding to figure out that all the brainwork was succsessful. Steering rod on one side and caliper on the other side.

See the two levels of backside and outside spindel, amazing 6mm to keep the slammed look of the 5SpeedRuby.

After all the high gloss powdercoating brings the fine look and protection.

Iceman did a great job, if you need a pair of well engineered, perfect build spindels with all your special needs and ideas inside you have to contact him:


Thanks to Torsten

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