Schwarzwälder Ventilkühlung / Black forest valve cooling

Using scat ratio rockers means no oil-delivery from the main shaft of the rocker arm assembly to the valve ends. I think that this rockers are strong and after doing the rocker arm geometry job I measured the real ratio and found out that my rockers came up with a 1:1,36 ratio.Good for using but without any oil at the valve ends my engine will get trouble regarding overheated valves and worn valve/rocker faces. After a few Tannenzäpfle Beers I had the idea to use my valve covers to solve this problem.
First of all the holes where on the false place and need to be replaced. Bad decision to use two aftermarked products, street eleminator heads from USA and cast o-ring sealing valvecovers from Germany.

Big stroke and huge pistons will pump a lot of air around and a 94mm zylinder is not as strong as a stock one. But this engine will produce a lot of heat and after a few times
the 94er will become a little oval and combustion gases will find the way behind the piston rings. In all my engines I try to help this air to find an easy way out of the engine, first to have more power because no piston have to work against airpressure on his way back to BDC and second that oil leaks dont become an ugly problem in from of my house door. Here you see the big tubes welded in the covers and the oil deflector plates that oli cant find the way out.

On the ends of the top fins some aluminium is added. Between the fins I drilled four 0,8mm holes in one line to the valve ends
(Thanx Danyel !).

One side is machined for the oil adapter.
After a very serious cleaning job the 3mm aluminium sheet is welded on the top of the first and second fin to generate an oil channel with four oil nozzles to cool and lubricate my valve train.
To deliver the oil to the valve covers I decide to modify my CSP oil cooler adapter, beside a very good part, full cnc machined with an perfect fit. I need two pressure outlets for the valvecovers, an access for the oilpressure gauge-sender and an access for my temperature switch that controls the fan of the oil-cooler mounted in top of the gearbox.

The red arrow shows the oil access for the valve covers.

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